Partnering with Lyft


This summer we are continuing to learn financial literacy with Umpqua Bank, First Republic Bank and Redwood City Credit Union. Thankfully, Lyft has sponsored The Young Hustlers and we are able to get to our meetings in a fashionable manner. Thank you, Lyft!


So proud of DaQuan. He went from being on probation at 12 to becoming Chief of Operations for The Young Hustlers. His level of focus, commitment and determination will get him far in life.

A music mentor can inspire a movement


#TBT this week goes out to HipHopForChange Inc. . They hosted a couple of workshops while in our our learning accelerator #15Seeds earlier this year. We learned the history of #HipHop, the #MusicIndustry,#graffiti, and even had a #rapbattle. These workshops inspired us to start a hiphop brand. So we turned the learning accelerator into a business incubator and launched The Young Hustlers.