Charity Basketball Game for our business incubator

EvenRights and All Bay Music have partnered up to host a charity basketball game for 15 Seeds, the after-school program we used to create The Young Hustlers. The game will host 12 teams, guaranteed to play 2 games. The winning team from the championship game will win $1,000 cash.  Tickets to play or watch can be purchased here. Looking forward to seeing you there!



The Young Hustlers Brand

Q&A with Dajanique

What is your mission and vision for The Young Hustlers Brand?

Our mission is to teach younger kids about financial literacy and make a difference in our community. Our vision is to get kids off the streets. 


What opportunities are you creating as The Young Hustlers?

Some opportunities we are creating are shirts, we have an opportunity to make an app about financial literacy.

2016-04-23 13.55.57.jpg

How do you hope to inspire your community?

We hope to inspire our community by making a good impact and letting everyone see that what we’re doing is good. Some examples of the good we are doing is: trying to teach people younger than us, learning on our free time, and planning to make our community a better place. Please list examples of the good that you are doing.


What people from the community will you employ as your business grows?

We will employ people that are loyal to our company and that are funny but serious at the times needed. These people can be any age as long as they’re not really old and strict. We can find these people in our community of Hunter’s Point. They have to be like a chilled out person and not tripping off of any little thing. 

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How do you plan to inspire?

We plan to inspire by leaving good impressions on people in order for them to support us, meaning that people need to see us as respectful human beings. We can make good impressions by not cursing, being loud, and obnoxious.

How do you plan to help other kids?

We plan to help other kids by giving them good advice, and teaching them about financial literacy. We can give them advice such as how to be responsible with their money, advice on what to do with your money and where to put it. What specific advice are you going to give them?

Our new business venture

Hey there,

I’m Dajanique. I am a seventh grader who currently attends Kipp Bayview Academy. I am 12 years old, my birthday is on June 15th. I was born in 2003 to Stanley and Natasha. Yes, i am the oldest and I somewhat hate it. For now, I am the blogger.


In 2012, my dad got a phone call saying that his brother (my uncle) had died on April 9th, 2012. When he died, I was very sad because I thought of all the times when he would take me to the park and I would cry because he would push my too high on the swing. I also thought about when he would pick me up and give me and taunt me with my favorite oatmeal cookies. I knew I had to continue with my life because everyone has to eventually die someday.
In 2013, my bestfriend lost her life in a fire. On an early morning Saturday, at around 12:30am, a fire broke out on Treasure Island. People say her family forgot about her, I disagree. I think they probably couldn’t get to her in time. I really miss her. I remember two days before she died, it was Valentine’s day and she wanted a sucker from me but i didn’t have enough. So I didn’t give my class any because i gave some to her. That makes me feel good when i think about it. I love her though and I really really really really really really really miss her.

Now, I work at something called 15 Seeds. It’s an after school program that helps kids explore learning topics that interests them.  I attend every Thursday and Sunday. I work with Jahziah, Calianna, Jahem, Daquan, Angelo, Ja’Shoun, and Dominique. The real person i get along with is Calianna. She’s like my bestfriend. We both are sort if always quiet. Our teachers are Mike and Veronica. Our two camera people are Trent and Nasi. We do activities. We have two teams, a sales team and a creative team. I am a blogger right now, so I am apart of the creative team. I love this job.  We are interested in learning how to make money so we are starting our own company.


We went on field trip to Andy’s work in downtown to work on our new business. He works at Meta Designn. He is our business development mentor.

The girls Dominique and Calianna (excluding me) worked with our music mentor. When I first walked into the room they gave me an attitude about being in there which I didn’t like. They were rhyming and rapping and thinking of new creations. They were looking at new beats and were trying to find lyric to fit the beats. They were listening to instrumentals for future raps.

All the boys were working with Andy on our new logo design for our company. Jahem and Daquan were rapping along to a song.

 Daquan was really feeling himself rapping and dancing.

That day was a good day for Jahziah I was so proud of him! He was really quiet and nice and only had one screw up today. He didn’t do anything bad.

Angelo was filming everything that happened.

Jahem was drawing a crown for our logo and kept saying I messed him up. The boys listened to “BandGang” (a music group) to focus,

Daquan cursed a lot.

The boys had a lot of creative ideas for our logo.

That day was a pretty chilled out day. I am excited to build this company 🙂

Meet: The Young Hustlers

Meet: The Young Hustlers


Hi, I am Dajanique, one of the girls in The Young Hustlers. I am a blogger. My job is to write everything about what happens daily with our company The Young Hustlers. What i also do is write about activities and talk about how they may affect other people or me. People call me quiet or say that I don’t talk a lot. I don’t talk a lot for the fact that someone always has something to say about what I say and i choose to prevent conflicts. I don’t get along with everyone in The Young Hustlers though. Dominique is my cousin and we’re always arguing over things she claims I do.


Ja’Shoun  is the manager of the sales team at The Young Hustlers. He is responsible for finalizing things and also agreeing or disagreeing with his peers ideas or opinions. He is the quiet one and the type of boy that everyone likes. He’s goofy, nice, he plays around a lot, and he’s nice and sweet at times. He seems to get along with everyone, including me (smiley face). I remember two weeks ago I had an incident with Dominique and he was one of the people who kept telling her to leave me alone (another smiley face).



Da’Quan  is a seller on the sales team. He is one of the short kids in The Young Hustlers (laughing emoji). He goes by “SpiderUpN3xt.” Like Ja’Shoun, he is sometimes quiet unless he is around his friends. He is the type of boy that a lot of people like. He almost gets along with everyone in the group. He likes to cuss i guess. But he’s considered a cool kid and likes shoes. He likes the brands “Trukfit” and “Jordan”.


Dominique is the so called writer and host of 15 Seeds. She’s my cousin but we don’t get along. It’s a person who always asks her if she’s jealous of me because that person sees that she starts problems with me for no reason. Yea, she’s my family and all but I really don’t think I have good feelings towards her.

I don’t know if I can love her the way I love the rest of my family. It’s times where I just wanna get her out of my life and just not have anything to due with her but somehow she’s still in my life. Our relationship isn’t good. I can’t even lie, I don’t think I can love her because of the things she has said and done for attention. But, my whole life isn’t focused on that or her. It’s focused on working, being good in school, and having a successful future.


Jahziah  is the jokester of The Young Hustlers. he’s always looking for a good laugh and is always making fun of little things or just simply people.



Calianna is the artist of The Young Hustlers. Her job is to design cool artwork to put on the blog and to be shown later in the year for our documentary. She’s calm and crazy and nice at times. I don’t always talk to her because Dominique is usually always around her or she’s always trying to listen to our conversation. I guess she gets along with everyone. She never has had problems with anyone except Ja’Shoun.


Jahem is a seller on the sales team also. He is Calianna and Jahziah’s cousin. He is a great listener and is good at participating. He always participates so you never have to ask him to participate, it’s like it’s in his blood or it’s like it’s voluntary. He’s good to have on your side because he always has good evidence for something or he has good reasoning.



What is a Young Hustler?

Webster Dictionary Definition: 

Hustler: (n) an aggressively enterprising person; a go-getter.

Entrepreneur: (n) a person who organizes and manages any enterprise, especially a business, usually with considerable initiative and risk.

Our Definition: Our definition of a Young Hustler is a person who grinds and doesn’t let anyone get in the way of that.


How did you come up with the name The Young Hustlers?

At first we wanted to make a media company, then a music company, then we finally made a business company that sells shirts and now we’re working on an app about financial literacy. We find that topic to be very interesting and hope to share that knowledge with other kids.


What does it mean to be a hustler?

What it means to be a hustler as Jahziah would say is “Get Yo Money” (Dajanique laughs) no but it really means to shine and not let anyone stop you. Never let anyone stop your hustle.


What does hustle mean?

Hustle means to be quick at what you’re doing and try your best.


Who taught you how to be a hustler?

Nobody taught me how to be a hustler, this program/company did. This program taught me how to be a hustler because before I started working here I didn’t know anything about hustlers or any of this stuff.


What kind of people are young hustlers?

Any person who doesn’t let anyone get in the way of their grind or stop what they’re doing. It doesn’t matter what the person looks like, it doesn’t matter the age, it doesn’t matter their gender, it doesn’t matter their race, as long as they’re working hard and not letting anyone stop them, they are considered a hustler.